School Insight

Our Methodology

“Teachers open the doors, you enter by yourself”

Guidelines of N.C.E.R.T and C.B.S.E have been considered while deciding upon the curriculum. School policies give due importance to the requirement of the students of adjoining areas in this regard. At the Senior Secondary level, the School offers all three streams – Science (PCM or PCB), Commerce & Humanities . As the sixth Subject students may offer Subjects like Physical Education, Multimedia & Web Technology, Information Practices, Maths, Biology, Painting & Hindustani Music (Vocal).

The medium of instruction is English. However,equal attention is awarded to Hindi. Keeping in view the foreign status of English,special efforts are in place to initiate students into communicative aspect of the language. Language Improvement Classes ( two classes in a week), are conducted for all the students.

Learning outcome cohesively depends upon the teaching methodology. So, to make the students competent in the present day global world, we at GHA make our best efforts to ensure availability of advanced techniques of teaching to the students. Every opportunity is grabbed to acquaint the teachers and students with the latest innovation in teaching-methodology. The school aims at empowering the students with the most cutting-edge skills and knowledge to take giant strides on the path of progress.

Computer Aided Education

Keeping in new the significance of Information Technology in modern global world, the students are imparted latest Computer Education from 1st standard onward, by well qualified faculties. Students have choice of opting for ‘Foundation for Information Technology’  as the sixth subjects at Secondary level and ‘Informatics Practices ‘ & ‘Multimedia & Web Technology’ in Senior Secondary level. The school is well equipped with Computer Laboratory and Computer-Aided Smart classes are also organized to consolidate the learning with visual representation of the lesson under discussion.

Moral Education

“Moral rules are directions for running the human machine.
Every moral rule is there to prevent a breakdown,
or a strain, or a friction, in the running of that machine.”

Spiritual education helps a child become a true human being, full of divine love and bliss. With all these qualities only, a person can be defined as a person with Golden Heart .Moral education combined with learning ensures that students use their knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Moral sense transforms the child into a lover of all human beings. So the school lays emphasis on inculcating both cultural and moral values in its students. At Golden Heart Academy, no day begins & ends without praying to the Almighty and saying thank to Him for his blessings.

House System

Development of the spirit of Healthy competition among students is an essential and the most beneficial feature of an Educational Institution. Therefore, at GHA, students of the school are divided into six houses viz Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, Kaveri, Raavi and Jhelum with their colors Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Sky Blue respectively.

Most of the competitive activities for the students are organized house-wise. Each house is placed under a House In charge assisted by a House captain and a vice-captain. The in charge is responsible for the discipline and the general well-being of members of the house. Regular inter-house competitions are held throughout the year in various curricular, co- curricular and extra – curricular activities in order to instill in students a healthy competitive spirit.

Prefectorial System

To tap the capabilities and talents of individual students and impart them a sense of responsibility, some disciplinary powers are deputed to them by appointing them as Class-Prefects.

Senior students with leadership qualities are selected as Captains of different houses of the school. They lead their house members under the guidance of the staff members. Head-Boy and Head-Girl from junior and senior wings of the school serve as a link between the students and administrations of the school.

Students are also appointed as Transport In-charges & taught to bear the responsibility of making the transportation a joyful experience for their school-mates.

School Uniform

BOYS (Class Nursery to UKG) Blue Denim Shorts with Green T-Shirt, White Socks with Blue Border, Black Leather School Shoes Blue Denim Trousers, Full Sleeves Green Shirt, Green School Sweater with Green Jacket, White Socks with Blue Border, Black Leather School Shoes
BOYS (Class 1 to 5) Grey Check Shirt, Grey Shorts, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes,School Tie & Belt. Maroon School Blazer, Maroon Pullover (V-Neck), Maroon Cap, Full Sleeves Grey Check Shirt, Grey Trousers, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes, School Tie & Belt.
BOYS (Class 6 to 12) Grey Check Shirt, Grey Trousers, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes,School Tie & Belt. Maroon School Blazer, Maroon Pullover (V-Neck), Maroon Cap, Full Sleeves Grey Check Shirt, Grey Trousers, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes, School Tie & Belt.
(Class Nursery to UKG)
Blue Denim Pinafore  with Green T-shirt, White Socks with Blue Border, Black Leather School Shoes. Blue Denim Trousers, Full Sleeves Green Shirt, Green School Sweater with Green Jacket, Black Leather School Shoes, White Socks with Blue Border.
(Class 1 to 8)
Grey Check Blouse, Grey Pinafore, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes,School Tie & Belt, School Hair Band. Maroon School Blazer,Maroon Pullover (V-Neck) ,Grey Woolen Pinafore, Grey Check Blouse, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes, School Tie & Belt, School Hair Band.
(Class 9 to 12)
Grey Check Qameez with Grey Jacket, grey Shalwar, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes. Maroon School Blazer, Maroon Pullover (V-Neck), Maroon Scarf, Grey Check Qameez with Grey Jacket, Grey Shalwar, School Socks, Black Leather School Shoes.

Uniform for Sports Days

BOYS (Class 1 to 12) House T-shirt, White Sports Trousers, House Socks, White Canvas PT Shoes, House Cap, House Jackets (In Winters)
 GIRLS (Class 1 – 8) House T-shirt,  White Sports Trousers, House Socks, White Canvas PT Shoes, House Cap,  School Hair-Band, House Cap, House Jackets (In Winters),.
GIRLS (Class 9 to 12)   Full Sleeves House jacket, White Shalwar Suit, House Socks, White Canvas PT Shoes, School Hair-Band, House Cap .

House T-Shirt



For parents’s convenience and uniformity of the school, the approved pattern of uniform is available with the school-authorized uniform dealer. Therefore, to maintain this uniformity combined with quality, parents are requested to purchase the uniform only from the authorized dealer.

The Staff & Coordinators

“I dreamt, I stood in a studio,
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay used was a young child’s mind,
And they fashioned it with care”

We go for young, dynamic ,qualified, experienced,trained and personable teachers. They are appointed after careful screening and strict selection procedures. Apart from their professional degree,due importance is given to their attitude & commitment towards the holistic approach of teaching. Moreover, music, art, & craft teachers and physical education, Yoga & Aerobics In structures are recruited to ensure the highest level of academic & co-curricular standards. To distinguish the staff from others, we have a special uniform for them.

Highly experienced teachers are appointed as Coordinators to facilitate administrative and classroom teaching work. These experts function as a bridge between the school administration, teaching faculty and students. To enhance the efficiency of teachers,the responsibility of coordinators extends even to supervise and assess the classroom work belonging to their respective sections.

Non - Teaching Staff

The school has a competent team of Non-teaching assistants which facilitates all activities in the school and help the teaching staff and management implement the policy of the school smoothly. The school acknowledges their untiring efforts and dedication. Without the presence of these people no institution can be run.

Staff in Action

Besides giving instruction through teaching periods, teaching fraternity gives the students valuable guidance in regular morning assemblies and while conditioning them for various competitions, all teachers are involved in school activities as House In charges, as members or head of various Societies & Clubs which are functional in the school.

Awards & Scholarships

Inspiration, motivation and recognition of the performance of students is an integral part of education system at G.H.A.
All the pupils are encouraged and inspired to take part in curricular and co- curricular activities of the school .In order to motivate students and acknowledge their performance, some awards are given, such as :-

  • Best Student Award
  • All Rounder Award
  • Best Effort Award
  • Neatest Child Award
  • Most Helpful Student Award
  • Full Attendance Award
  • Best Athlete of the School
  • Best House of the Year Award

Service rendered by the Student- Volunteers is recognized through certificates of distinction. Outstanding students in academics from each class are awarded scholarships. School Toppers of the Board Examination also receive scholarships.