Building & Class Rooms

School has a grand imposing building constructed, to fulfill the specifications of the CBSE, in accordance with the principles of modern architecture, under professional supervision of architects of high repute.

Classrooms are distinctively designed for children of different age groups, keeping in mind their activities and priorities. They are spacious, airy and planned so as to contribute in a big way to various aspects of learning. They have been embellished with appropriate charts, maps and display boards to be worked on by students making teaching and learning process a delightful activity.

Play Ground

At G.H.A., games and sports are considered to be essential for composite growth and development of students. Therefore, the school has two playgrounds with all sporting facilities. The smaller one provides for skating rink, courts of basket-ball, volley-ball, football, badminton, and a ride-corner meant for the kids of Pre- Primary section. The larger ground is used exclusively for athletic activities and tournaments.


We shouldn’t teach great books;
we should teach love for reading.

We believe reading habit is a must for students. Therefore, at G.H.A, a well-stocked library with its extensive Reference Section and a Reading Section occupies a key place. The latter section provides new-age books, carefully selected magazines, newspapers, comics, story books and periodicals for all age-groups.


” The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances and demonstration for impressions.”

To give impetus to the learning process, the school provides its students access to well-equipped Science-Laboratories, Computer Laboratory, Mathematics Laboratory and Language Laboratory fitted with modern Audio-Visual Aids. These laboratories with the purpose of giving sharp edge to learning process , have entirely been designed in conformity with the prescription of the CBSE.

Computer Laboratory

The school has two computer Laboratories equipped with state-of -the-art computer systems and software. Computer training is compulsory for all students. The students have access to excellent software packages for learning various subjects such as mathematics, English, Ev.S. and general knowledge. The multi-purpose computer Laboratories are equipped with round-the-clock internet access. In addition, the latest computer journals are also available to students.

Science Laboratory

Once students turn to Science Laboratories, they find themselves in specialized Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, which are designed to address to the needs of students as per their syllabus. Here, they are practically exposed to the experimental aspect of scientific theory. Complex details of every experiment are explained to students so as to make them permanent in the inquisitive minds of students.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory is one of the most advanced facilities of the school. Dedicated teachers who are authorities in their subjects delve into greater mysteries and intriguing problems of the subject and help students learn advanced mathematical concepts with the help of latest & updated computer softwares and material-aids.

Language Laboratory

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. The English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. English language learning has therefore, become a must for any Indian student today.
Here, at Golden Heart Academy, language-learning is not the same as learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting marks or award. The school ensures that its students get a fair chance to practise and excel in all four skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking.
A state-of-the-art Language Laboratory has been set up to enhance language skills of students right from Pre-Primary classes. The ultra modern equipment cater to the real-life needs of our future professionals in modern times when language and communication skills have a major role to play.


School Canteen

School has provided its students and the staff with Canteen facility where they may have quality snacks and tea etc. Due care is taken to ensure high nutritional and hygienic value of the food items available at canteen. The food items available are economical, nutritious and safe from the viewpoint of student` health.


Transportation facility is an essential feature of modren-day school, we have a large fleet of diesel-fueled buses and vans. These vehicles are maintained properly by expert mechanics. School transport is available at most of the routes in the town and the adjoining rural area. Senior students who are nominated by the school help maintain discipline during the travel among students using the school-transport. The principal has regular meetings with the transporters and drivers to ensure the safety of school children.

Health Care and School Clinic

” Health and good state of body are above all good “

The physical dimension of children`s health needs constant care. So, the school provides complete health-care and first-aid facilities. Well equipped, campus-based Health Clinic is manned by a qualified professional to extend First-aid for minor cuts, injuries and conditions.. The nature of injury being serious, the patient is rushed to the qualified and specialised doctor immediately. Parents are also kept well-informed about the physical growth-pattern of their wards recorded at regular intervals throughout the year along with their growth-pattern in academics.