From The Desk of Founders


Sole objective of establishing this institution is to make all its students pure at heart and sound in mind to ensure that wherever they are, they must shine like the sun. The institution encourages and imparts Holistic Education–intellectual, cultural,physical, and spiritual.

The school`s motto “Foundation for Future” signifies our commitment to give pupils a strong base to attain success in different spheres of life. The school strives to produce sincere , dedicated,broad minded, rational, and morally sound citizens for the country.

We ourselves should make every possible effort to live up to those standards and values which we expected of our child. Therefore, we urge parents and teachers to set examples of love for humanity, patience and forbearance so that the child gets inspired to cultivate the same.

Thank You !


Qazi Aqil Ahmad
(Chairman of United Education Society)


Ram Avtar Varma
(Vice Chairman of United Education Society)